Setting lo-fi electro-pop flourishes against a backdrop of deep, vibey R&B beats, bumpy drops, and weighty, autobiographical lyrics that explore the varied nuances of human emotion, rising Toronto-based pop artist Aiden Myers delivers songs that are at once tender and agonizing, yet decidedly hopeful. 


Having collaborated with the likes of Billboard charting artist Kayla Diamond (Slaight Music), as well as acclaimed producers such as Tokyo Spiers (Walk Off The Earth), MKSTN, Joel Stouffer (Serena Ryder, Dragonette), and Giordan Postorino (Karl Wolf, JRDN), Myers has already amassed some 2 million streams across all online platforms. Additionally, his songs have reached the Top 20 on the Viral 50 Canada Spotify chart, and debuted on several major playlists including ‘Time to Dance,’ ‘Viral Hits Canada’ and ‘New Music Friday’.


Myers’ debut EP, Overthinking, is due out later this year. 

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